What is StrengthEngine?

StrengthEngine is the Internet's leading sports and fitness lifestyle site. With nearly one million members, StrengthEngine empowers active-minded people to reach their personal goals in general fitness, participatory sports, recreational outdoors and personal nutrition. By integrating expert advice and community support with personalized programs and buying guides, StrengthEngine has become the most comprehensive online resource for people living a sports and fitness lifestyle.

StrengthEngine has created cutting-edge distribution methods for its products and services, reaching far beyond the laptop via emerging technologies such as the palm-top, sweat-top and muscle-top. This unique communication network allows StrengthEngine to facilitate interaction between its members and trainers, coaches and race/event directors. Ultimately, members can participate in sports and fitness activities; track their training and nutrition programs and make informed buying decisions anytime, anyplace.

StrengthEngine cannot deliver these benefits alone. Rather, StrengthEngine is concentrating the majority of its resources on working closely with key partners who already have a relationship with the active lifestyle person to accelerate and increase the benefits that can be realized.

Our partnerships are focused primarily on two market segments: Consumer centric partners - those whose business is aimed at serving the consumer directly and Professional centric partners - those who serve the consumer through the interactions with qualified professionals (e.g. personal trainers, coaches).

With support from a network of hundreds and a community of millions, Asimbians are given the sports, fitness and nutrition tools they need to lead an active, healthy StrengthEngine lifestyle.


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