Highlights of the StrengthEngine.com Advanced Trainer Pro

Club Benefits

Personal Training

Increase non-dues revenue as more members use a personal trainer.
Raise the quality and consistency of personal training service provided to members.
Get new trainers started faster at lower training costs.
Lower overallattrition rate of trainers as they earn more money and enjoy good client relationships.
Bundle with membership offerings to win more members.
Lower member attrition as overall satisfaction and results with club experience increases.
Create personal Training offers to non-members bringing in new revenue.

By making Personal Training more available and more flexible members will get more value out of the club and the personal trainers that work there.

Trainer Benefits

Increase revenue
     • More members using a personal trainer
     • Get paid for training clients virtually
Achieve better utilization of available time
     • Down time can be used to train clients virtually
     • Administrative time reduced considerably
Extend the reach and value of a personal trainer beyond the club and one-on-one sessions.
Increase client capacity by leveraging virtual training capabilities.
Easy introduction to the Internet using a compelling (value-add) application.

Keep your clients longer by training them year-around with the number of one-on-one sessions varying with the client's schedule and budget.

Member Benefits

Better results from personal training
     • Continuous guidance and coaching (in-person, virtual)
     • Daily feedback leading to real-time work-out adjustments
An individualized plan to success for all workout environments
     • Gym, home, outdoors, traveling
     • Machines, free weights, no weights, cardio

Personal training packages that fit the budget and schedule of member
     • Introductory packages make it easier to get started
     • Virtual training makes it easier to keep using your trainer.

Anywhere access to their program via the Internet
     • Print-outs of Daily work-outs, download to a handheld


Personal Training transformed from being limited to sessions with a trainer to a program offering that supports all your workouts (those with and without a personal trainer).

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