The StrengthEngine.com Advanced Trainer Pro is on course to revolutionize the personal training industry. Check out some comments from our trainers and their clients!


I realize how valuable an online service is to my clients and myself….. From what I've read (Investors Business Daily and Wall Street Journal) ATP is setting the trend for the online personal training market. Jerry, Seattle, WA

Your customized programs are the best and I would like to use your system with my online training business…Kevin, Chicago, IL

Wow, what a great idea! I love it already, this will help me to work with people all over the place. I have been checking out the site and am satisfied with the many options and it is extremely easy to change and work with the program... Brennan, Bakersfield, OR

I have been doing on-line training for over 4 years and I love your program... Rob, San Francisco, CA

This is really a great idea, I'm glad someone is finally realizing the potential of the internet for the personal training industry... Eric, Phoenix, AZ

I am a certified personal trainer with ACE. I receive the publication "Personal Fitness Professional" and recently read an article mentioning your company as an internet provider for those seeking personal training and other services. I think this is a wonderful idea and would like to learn to use this right away Karen, New York,


I would like to commend you on an excellent website. The training programs are not only effective, but your use of videos and "print friendly" formats are highly useful. Before using your training programs, I had no real direction when working out, and often had to push myself to get to the gym. With the variations contained in the several programs, I look forward to heading to the gym! Thank you... -Phillip, New Brunswick, NJ

I just completed the 12-week Strength and Power Program. I feel and look stronger, particularly in my upper body, and had fun with the challenge of the Strength and Power program. Thank you so much for your programs -- I have a real sense of accomplishment and can't wait to start on another 12-week weight lifting adventure... -Trent, Denver, CO

I just want to say thanks! I am a police officer and my schedule is forever changing, but with your programs and trainers taking the guess work out of making the routines, I am still able to workout and I am making excellent gains. I tell all my friends about this-Thanks again... -Allen, Scranton, PA


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