What is the StrengthEngine.com Advanced Trainer Pro?

The StrengthEngine.com Advanced Trainer Pro Charter
To provide fitness professionals with powerful online tools to design and deliver personalized fitness programs online for all their clients, thereby maximizing a trainer's time, value and revenue.

Flexibility, Customization and Incremental Revenue

Create truly customized workout programs that provide a complete weekly workout (cardio and strength) for all days (even those days without a trainer) and for all environments (gym, home, outdoors, travel). They can even train their clients 'virtually' during 'off-peak' hours.
Raise the consistency of service your personal trainers deliver by providing them a common platform of 'club-approved' workouts to use and personalize with each client.
Increase your revenues as you create new offerings making it easier for members and (non-members) to get started with personal training and to use it longer.

Core Trainer Pro Application

StrengthEngine Trainer Pro is an online tool used by fitness professionals to design and deliver fully individualized 12-week training programs to clients via the Internet.
The development of these customized programs boasts capabilities that allow complete flexibility.
  • Trainers conduct initial strength and overall fitness assessments in person.
  • Programs are chosen from over 150 templates and then designed and personalized by trainers, based on each individual client's goals and physical capabilities.
  • Trainers and clients can communicate via e-mail messages as often as needed.
  • Programs are easily adjusted according to client's needs and trainers can control exercise frequency, activity level, types of activity and schedule. (database contains more than 500 exercises).
Additional Easy-To-Use Tools
Automated Feedback / Communication: client can read helpful tips from trainers and provide automated feedback on the ease or difficulty of their daily workouts which can also be sent so the trainer can make real-time adjustments to make it just right.
Club Administration: A club administrator can easily manage access and track service use.
Exercise Video Demonstrations: real trainer demonstrations of all assigned exercises.
Marketing Tools: trainers can post biographical descriptions and credentials; a client referral e-mail program supplies added exposure and can also produce informational flyers.

The application is available from any device that has Internet access. Club administrators and trainers will access one site (www.asimbaclubpro.com) and members and clients will access another site (www.theclientpro.com). Coming shortly will be a handheld and e-mail delivery.

A simple $500 monthly licensing fee per facility. Where needed StrengthEngine can provide start up assistance for a reasonable upfront fee. The club may in turn offer the service(s) for free or as we recommend create multiple revenue streams.


NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association): StrengthEngine is an official "Gold Sponsor" of the NSCA, and StrengthEngine's tools and products are available to the NSCA member base.
ACE (American Council on Exercise): StrengthEngine is a preferred Internet partner assisting ACE reach out to its 45,000 members and club partners.

For More Information
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